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Happy Nauryz!


    • Nauryz is an ancient Turkic holiday of the New Year.
    • Nauryz is a Persian word. It means “a new day”.
    • Nauryz is celebrated by all Turkic people – Kazakh, Uzbek, Tadjik and others.
    • This holiday comes on March 22, when a day is as long as a night.
    • Nauriz returned to the Kazakh people together with the sovereignty of their country.
    • When Nauryz comes the Kazakh people make nauryz-kozhe. 😉
    • Nauriz-kozhe is a drink having seven ingredients – millet, wheat, rice, rye, milk, meat and fat.
    • Nauryz-kozhe is a symbol of the holiday, a symbol of spring.
    • Nauryz has become the holiday of all multinational people of Kazakhstan.

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